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Adonis Couverture, Michael Roman – Wow Doc!

Michael is in the Docs office for possibly a pulled hamstring that he got from playing Rugby with a few friends over the weekend. He’s really bummed out and in pain. Doctor Adonis enters the room and starts to check Michael’s muscles out. He has him spread his legs and put out on the exam table. He starts to rub inner and Michael’s thighs . Michael finds that his Doc is becoming aroused and his cock is currently revealing through his scrubs. Michael pulls his Doctors cock out and it’s enormous. Michael wraps his mouth around Adonis uncut cock and starts to worship every inch of it. As his individual indulges on his thick piece of meat that is beautiful Adonis is in heaven. Adonis bends Michael ass over the table and buries his face between his ass. Adonis digs in stroking Michael cock. Michael is eager to be fucked by his Doc so Adonis slowly pushes his cock into Michael’s tight awaiting ass and straps a condom on. Adonis is in balls until Michaels ass opens up for his thickness, and he starts out slow. He pumps him harder and faster as Michael takes every inch like a champ. Adonis fucks the cum right out and flips him over onto his back and then the Doc pulls his thick dick out and nuts around Michaels cock and torso. Enjoy!

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