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BlackBoyAddictionz – Introducing DJ

DJ is a sweet-faced 18-year-old fresh from high school, the kind of hot black adolescent one can usually only need from a distance. From the moment I knew I HAD to get this boy naked in front of my camera!

DJ insisted he was too bashful to expose his body into the public or have intercourse with an audience watching. But with a bit of chance and a great deal of persuasion, this boy of my dreams eventually consented to do things!

The very first day which DJ came over, he swore it was only to go over the POSSIBILITY of filming a “solo” scene – nothing more. He maintained the book-bag he brought with him draped across his shoulder, and sat looking ready to leap up and flee my apartment any minute.

I tried my best to put him at ease, and as the day’s negotiations improved, DJ seemed to grow more comfortable with me. After seeing one of my videos, he finally blurted out, “Okay, I’ll do a solo scene!” As I photocopied his Driver’s Permit (yes, he is really 18!) , DJ confessed that he was trembling, that’s how nervous he was!

That is probably my favorite from this “solo” scenes I’ve filmed up to now. Partly because DJ is just so damn cute to me, but because of everything that led up to this happening – that the delight of conquest after a long, exhausting pursuit!

As DJ slowly strips from his clothing, he is shy and self-conscious about displaying his body to the very first time. I can’t even begin to describe me turned on! He gradually works up the nerve to take off All his clothing and play with his dick for the camera…

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