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Bodybuilder Draven Navarro Takes Pain, Extreme CBT, and Gets Fucked – Dominic Pacifico & Draven Navarro

Leather Daddy Dominic Pacifico knows precisely how to make slaves suffer, and he is not in a good mood today. His captive today that is lucky is beefcake Draven Navarro, and Dominic can not wait to inflict some pain. Draven is bound and helpless, his muscles flexing against the rope binding his chest and arms. Dominic is ready to give some pain to this beefy boy and goes for the super sensitive nipples of Draven. His tugging has Draven and he’s barely started. Dominic canes, slaps, and flogs Draven throughout his body, and the more pain Draven takes, the harder his cock gets. So Dominic bands bamboo to clamp down on Draven’s balls, cock, and tongue, making balls additional sensitive and Draven’s cock and cutting off blood flow. Draven screams in pain as Dominic canes his balls and cock. Dominic pushes Draven to Draven and the border takes everything. Draven is bound and suspended by a ankle as Dominic fucks his mouth. As Dominic rams his dick Draven chokes. The flogger breaks out, once he’s had enough of the moist mouth of Draven. He strikes Draven hard, all over ass, feet, his thighs, and stomach. Finally, Draven is brought by Dominic down and gives him a reward — his hard cock. Dominic pounds Draven’s ass, slamming his cock into Draven over and over again. Dominic blows makes it clean all up and a load all over Draven’s face once he’s had his fill. Dominic then jacks off Draven and Draven explodes. However, Dominic doesn’t stop, he begs him to stop and keeps on rubbing against the sensitive head of Draven as Draven struggles to escape.

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