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Bone Ready – Nate Grimes Interview

After the whole weekend was over I was truly exhausted–but I made sure to stop by NATE”s fuck pad one last time to get his take on the cum-sloppy weekend in Palm Springs. His bum was in no mood for talking, what was being filled to the brim with cum (but I knew that if I asked him and his bum, they’d do it all over again at the drop of a hat–the mark of a true slut gentlemen).

…and there you have it. Now you know who I really am–A slut who’s sole purpose is to capture all the amazingly slutty manwhores getting as dirty and loose as they can…and then pushing them to go even farther.

Have things you’d like to see me get a TIM man to do? Got thoughts? Great! Send ‘em to me personally. I will not bite–unless you ask me to!

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