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Daddy’s Little Boy – Chapter 5 – Trick or Treat

For most individuals, trick-or-treating endings if you’re still a child. But what’s the fun in that? This dad can’t deny adorable is son is he enjoys bringing him to show off him and sees up. Luckily for Austin, he seems really young and nobody thinks twice about offering him a bag filled with candy. His dad brings him into a home to close out if it is time for your night to end. Surprise, surprise! It’therefore rsquo & the doc;s home! They are brought by the man inside and says the boy is the doorstep deal! He or she rsquo ;d been dying to see the daddy fuck his little boy since he fucked his hole in his workplace. And how can he not be?
The tall physician towers of Austin because he chooses his costume and strips down him using the exact same hungry look kids have if they unwrap their preferred bit of candy. The two men devour the boy’so ass before fucking him raw! The neighbors might think those howls are all werewolves, however, it’s merely the audio of a excellent boy getting packed on dick!

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