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Easton & Price RAW

Price said that he was a Electricity Bottom, and also the bigger the better!

Therefore, I paired him with Easton who is an excellent Electricity Top.

Price is passive, so so Easton readily takes control. I like seeing Easton’s cock slide down the throat when his mind is draped over this bed’s face of Price. No escape!

Price may also take a pounding. Easton fucks while Price just takes it as a man, him HARD. He keeps his while being rammed, precum CONSTANTLY leaking outside.

I had estimated that Easton would fuck the cum out of him if they were spoon fucking, however, Easton really needed to fuck up and nail Cost’s prostate.

That did the trick, and Price dumps his load while Easton hammers him along with his prick.

Easton jerks a load on his hole, then destroys the remainder in, filling Price along together with his seed!

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