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Justin King

Justin King is a tall, sexy hot and hairy muscular hunk, with a cheeky glint in his eye. He chats squeezing his pits subsequently strips to show off his big beefy body playing with his nipples until spunking his load. We start off with an interview, and merry Justin tells us exactly what sort of guy he could be right into sexually, and how he keeps healthy. Then it is on into the solo. Wearing a vest and blue polished sports shorts, Justin sits back with his thighs stroking his bulge and rubbing his nipples. He is a big lad, with broad shoulders, big arms, and a chest. In his vest you’ll be able to see is his body. Very sexy! Justin flexes his bicep and increases his arm. He leans to get a whiff of his very hairy armpits. Justin plays with his nipples and will be taking his vest off. He stands, rubs his crotch a little more, then pulls his shorts down, leaving him. Justin starts to play with his uncut dick and strokes his bulge prior to taking his undies off. There is tons of foreskin and also we get some sexy close ups as he pulls on on the foreskin back, his cock’s head glistening with precum. Justin fixes it tastes it, then starts to jerk off nice and slow. He plays with his nipples, even giving us a few shots of his hard anal meat. He makes it twitch and throb, and also we have great angle shots looking up from underneath. Justin gives us plenty of nipple drama and sniffs and extends back into back in his hairy armpits whilst giving us lots of appearances that are horny. Justin moves straight back into the sofa, leans back with his big legs wide. His nipples seem to be sexy wired into his dick, and he moans and tweaks these. He also holds his cock upright, giving us a few, then rubs his bulging precum covered cock head, then sticking. Justin speeds upward, as he has more turned on. His muscles bulge, glistening with perspiration, so that as he gets closer, so his breathing gets heavier. Justin brings herself to orgasm and the spunk flows thick and fast, spurting over his stomach. As more pumps out, it dribbles down on his fingers, forming pools of thick jizz. As he catches his breath, he squeezes giving a horny look.

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