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STR8Hell – Franta Tucny – HOT ASS

What a cutie Franta Tucny is. This hot straight guy look so good because he lays on the bed wanking his stiff cock. The bell end shines because he wanks the foreskin back and forth. Subsequently Franta turns over, onto his knees and then present his hot ass. Wanking down himself between his thighs he rubs his hot ass. Then a hand arrives and spread the lips wider, opening up Franta hole. That gap appears so enticing. Franta continues wanking his penis when oil is dripped onto his ass. The hands rub over his buttocks, slipping a vibrator and then pulling the cheeks apart. It moves in easily and begins to fuck the buttocks. Soon it’s time for something larger and there is a dildo that is thicker pushed into the hole of Franta, going in really deep. Once in all of the way it’s fucked in and out of the ass, stretching it wide. Franta turns over and lays back, legs up, for that dildo to slip back into his hole. Because he wanks himself that ass is fucked deep by vibrator. Then a dildo is pushed against the buttocks. It slips inside extending the pit. Franta grimaces because he feels him opens up. After more in the vibrator he drops his thighs and wanks his cock that is beautiful again.

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