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The Adventures of Batman and Robin Part 3

The Adventures of Batman and Robin-Part 3 (A ColbyKnox Parody): After recalling his last encounter with Bruce, Robin -played by Christian Bay- is finally beginning to accept that he may have overestimated his own abilities. Being fucked and used by the big dicked goons -played by Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox- has taken a toll on our young heroes psyche. He wonders when Bruce will come, if Bruce will come…. He begins to doubt everything. Then it happens, he comes lumbering through the door looking every bit the hero he is not only to Gotham but to Robin now more than ever. But Batman -played by Jack Hunter- seems to be a little off. To Robins horror, he seems to be under the influence of the same gas that got the better of his own senses shortly after capture. Batman looks at Robin like a piece of meat as he moves toward his prey. Robin accepts the inevitable as he is once again used and fucked, this time by a twisted manipulated version of the man he loves most in this world. What could be more punishing for our hero? Perhaps Batman offering up both their asses to the heinous villain that put them both in their current predicament. Colby Chambers takes advantage of the opportunity and plunges his own big dick into both heroes again and again and again…..

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